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Peter is an award-winning British children's author famed for his horror-fiction books. He has worked closely with the Carmel Hill Fund Education Program for years - visiting many of our schools here in New York City, as well as schools in Monroe, Louisiana. His visits spread across the globe - ranging from auditorium-filled presentations to single-classroom discussions. All having to do with his much loved titles. To view photos of some of his visits to our schools, click here.

Peter's books were provided to schools by the Carmel Hill Fund Education Program and after the first batch, students were hooked! We continuously found ourselves being asked for more copies.

Special Projects
Peter J MurrayPeter J Murray's BooksPeter as Mokee Joe

Peter's titles include...

  • The "Mokee Joe" Series:

    1. "Mokee Joe is Coming"

    2. "Mokee Joe Recharged"

    3. "Mokee Joe:
        The Doomsday Trail"

    4. "Mokee Joe:
        Mutant Resurrection"

    5. "Mokee Joe:
        Swamp Warrior"

  • "Bonebreaker"

  • "Dawn Demons"

  • "Moonwailer"

  • "Scabbajack"

  • "Ten O'Clock Caller"

  • "PS 13"
    (Featuring talented young authors.)


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As for special events, Peter J. Murray and the Carmel Hill Fund Education Program have collaborated on three:

  • On January 10, 2012, a book launch of "Mokee Joe" Book 4 - "Mokee Joe: Mutant Resurrection" was held at the famous Apollo Theatre.

  • On November 1, 2012, a "'Spooky' Story Contest" was announced to our schools - one that resulted in the release of a new book...

    • On May 30, 2013, New York's contest winners took a limousine ride to Jekyll & Hyde Club Restuarant in Times Square, where they enjoyed a "spooky" lunch and got to speak with Peter himself.

    • The book, "PS 13," includes those winning authors' 12 short stories and 1 short story written by Peter J. Murray especially for inclusion in the book. Some of the book's illustrations are by students as well.

  • In October 2013, Peter launched two new books with the help of our New York City and Monroe, LA projects! His newly released titles included the highly anticipated 5th book in his "Mokee Joe" series - "Mokee Joe: Swamp Warrior" - and the student-collaborated short story book "PS 13."

    (To read more about these events, click on their dates.)

Apollo Book LaunchPete and Kath at Jekyll and HydePS 13

Peter has also participated in Read to a Million Kids - Renaissance Learning UK's campaign to (literally) read to 1,000,000 children through a series of online activities, resources and live reading events featuring popular children's authors. For the March 2013 campaign, Peter read Chapter 1 of "Mokee Joe is Coming."

(For more information about Read to a Million Kids, visit their website at

Mokee Joe Chapter 1

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For more information about Peter J. Murray (and to read his marvelous blog)
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